Percy Jackson
"Hit Me With your Best Shot" - Percy Jackson
Production information
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance TBA
Cause/Reason TBA
Portrayed by Logan Lerman
Character information
Nicknames Seaweed Brain (by Annabeth), P-Man (by Grover), Perce (by Michelle)
Gender Male
Birthdate August 18th 1995 (age 15)
Manhattan, New York, United States
Family Jacob Jackson (father)

Sally Jackson (mother)
Dominique Roberts (maternal cousin)
Jennifer Jackson (paternal grandmother)

Significant Other(s) Annabeth Chase (girlfriend)

Perseus Zachary "Percy" Jackson is the currently the male main character of the series and the boyfriend of cheerleader and dance team co-captain Annabeth Chase, who he had first met in the seventh grade after moving to Charleston Heights with his family from Manhattan. Following the encounter, the two slowly connected, formed a friendship and became a couple with a somewhat-stable relationship which followed them into high school. Percy and his best friend, Grover Underwood have had a longtime friendship even though they have challenged it with their past history and brief feuds. Since then, the two are still best friends and currently attends Charleston Heights High School as a sophomore student and is also a part-time counter clerk at Dunkin Donuts.

Character History

Before the Series

Percy Jackson was born in Manhattan, New York to Sally Jackson (nèe Baker) and Jacob Jackson on August 18th 1995. According to Sally, he was born at around 2:31am while "Jacob was having a Fillet-O-Fish meal from McDonalds". For the first 6 months of Percy's life, Jacob's mother, Jennifer moved out of her home and temporarily moved in with the Jacksons to care for newborn Percy while Sally was on recovery. Percy grew up a middle-class child and was favoured by his father the most out of all of his family members. Growing up, Percy and his father shared a common interest in sports and was enrolled onto a soccer team where he became an advanced player. Not to long after, Jacob completed his law classes at NYU and was hired at a local law firm in the town of Charleston Heights, Pennsylvania and the family including a depressed Percy moved at the end of Percy's first year of junior high.

After moving to Charleston Heights, he went to Harriet Tubman Junior High where he met his current best friend, Grover Underwood, a Jamaican immigrant into the United States along with his mother, Dalita who is the current town sheriff. Then onwards, Grover introduced Percy to high-rise academic acheiver a.k.a. "the school nerd" and his current girlfriend, Annabeth Chase whom the two formed a close bond. The two began dating on October 05th 2007 and their relationship moved along with them into high school.

Season 1



Percy comes from a relatively long line of Italian (mother) and Portuguese (father) family who embrace their lifestyles. Most of Percy's family is un-named until the 3rd season. The members of the Jackson family who are named throughout the series are Sally, Jacob, Jennifer and Dominique.


Percy is currently in a long-term relationship with cheerleader and dance team co-captain Annabeth Chase.


  • Is the boyfriend to Annabeth Chase
  • Owns a Blackberry Bold 9000
  • Is the captain of the soccer team and the all-star player of the volleyball team
  • Grover Underwood is his best friend

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