Michelle Aglisano
"You need to observe better than that" - Michelle Aglisano
Production information
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance TBA
Cause/Reason TBA
Portrayed by Blake Lively
Character information
Nicknames Mickey (by Percy)
Gender Female
Birthdate October 24th 1995 (age 15)
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Family Luigi Aglisano (father)

Lorraine Roberts-Aglisano (mother)
Caitlyn Aglisano (sister)
Aaron Aglisano (brother)
Guiseppie Aglisano (paternal grandfather)

Significant Other(s) None

Michelle Alexandra Aglisano is currently a female protagonist of the series and is also considered to be an outcast and nerd of the group of teenagers and is a unique and classical person. Along with Danielle, she is also the school outcast with very little friends because of her beliefs whom she believes in the enviornment, politics human and animal rights, also her her unique taste in style, clothes, music, interests and hobbies. She is close friends with male protagonist Percy Jackson and secretly has a crush on him and denies it at every chance someone pokes at the situation. She is highly intellectual and partakes in many games of chess like her friend Carlee. Michelle currently attends Charleston Heights High School and works at Starbucks as a counter clerk.

Character HistoryEdit

Before the SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit




Michelle currently has no romantic pursuits.


  • Is particually intelligent and enjoys Chess
  • Like Danielle, Michelle is also an outcast
  • Owns a Blackberry 8900
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