Bianca Di Angelo
"That's alright Annabeth, I always get the last laugh" - Bianca Di Angelo
Production information
First Appearance Party On, Bitches!
Last Appearance TBA
Cause/Reason TBA
Portrayed by Leighton Meester
Character information
Gender Female
Birthdate December 25th 1995 (age 15)
Nazareth, Pennsylvania, United States
Family unnamed father

Maria Di Angelo (mother)
Nico Di Angelo (daughter)

Significant Other(s) None

Bianca Samantha Di Angelo is the current female antagonist of the series and is considered to be the bitch and slut of the group of teenagers. Bianca, who comes from an abusive homelife which is caused by her miserable, angry mother Maria works her far too much too earn a paycheck considering she is a struggling actress trying to make it on the big screen. Her fraternal twin brother, Nico is the only family member to show her familial love and respect. Bianca and her best friend, Carlee Edwards are the captains of the cheerleading squad at their high school and harbor a dual feud against Justice Gonzalez, who is currently dating their friend Luke.

Character History

Before the Series

A lucky miracle, Bianca was born on Christmas Day of 1993 to 15 year old single mother Maria Di Angelo and is the fraternal twin sister of the football team's quarterback, Nico Di Angelo. Bianca and her brother were brought up in a life of misery which was first stuck to them when her grandmother kicked her, her brother and mother out of the house and was left on their own. Bianca was emotionally abused by her mother as a child and was hated in school and still is today. It is said that Bianca took Percy's virginity before his one year anniversary with Annabeth prompting Bianca to become promiscuous. Aside from the fact that Bianca and her mother are very dysfunctional, Bianca confides to her brother on every secret and the two seem to be best friends because of their emotional bond.

Season 1



Bianca relatively originates from a tiny Italian family consisting of herself, her fraternal twin brother and best friend Nico, her abusive and tormentive mother Maria, her unnamed father who happened to be her mother's high school sweetheart and her tyrant religious grandmother, Alessandra.


Bianca`s general romances consist of cheap, meaningless drunken one night stands. The only one known was the one with Percy at an unknown time presumably that she took his virgnity.


  • Is the bitch or considered whore of the group
  • Presumably took Percy Jackson's virginity
  • Is the captain of the cheerleading squad at CHHS
  • Owns a Blackberry Bold 9000
  • Is a struggling actress who supports her family financially

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