Athena Chase
"Let me figure this out and we'll do something about it" - Athena Chase
Production information
First Appearance Three Years Too Many
Last Appearance TBA
Cause/Reason TBA
Portrayed by Melina Kanakaredes
Character information
Nicknames Mom (by Annabeth), Wicked Witch of the Heights (by Percy)
Gender Female
Birthdate February 8th 1968 (age 43)
Camden Hills, Virginia, United States
Family Emmanuel Barboyanis (father)

Raquelle Barboyanis (mother)
Annabeth Chase (daughter)

Significant Other(s) Frederick Chase (ex-boyfriend)

Athena Costantina Barboyanis-Chase is an over-achieving, emotionally neglectful workaholic who is the mother to Annabeth, a CHHS student and dance troupe captain/cheerleader fathered by her ex-boyfriend, Frederick whom she had a decade-long relationship with during the 1980's. Once Annabeth was born, Frederick ended the relationship and took off and was never seen again which caused termoil for the two. Athena worked many office jobs around her hometown to support Annabeth and herself. By the time Annabeth was 10 years old, Athena was fed up of the constant moving around and finally settled down in Charleston Heights to start anew.

Character History

Before the Series

Athena, also an only child is the daughter to Greek Orthodox-Catholic farmers Emmanuel and Raquelle Barboyanis. Athena and her parents spent her childhood growing up in the countryside taking care of their animals as a way of teaching her responsibility until Athena landed a job at Value Village during her junior year of high school. Athena excelled in all of her classes and graduated at the top of her class and was the only one in her family to finish university and graduate with her Master's degree in Business. While trying to start up her career, Athena had finally met her prince charming, Frederick Chase whom the two sparked up a decade long relationship which then Annabeth was born and Frederick took off on her afterwards and when she took him to court and won the case of him refusing to pay child support, Athena severed ties with him and attempted to make it on her own.

Season 1



Athena was an only child to Greek Orthodox-Catholic parents, Emmanuel and Raquelle who had large extended families from both sides. Athena was lonely growing up without no brothers or sisters and considered all of her un-named family members brothers and sisters to her.

Athena's daughter, Annabeth is the only named family member in the series.


Throughout her life, Athena has only had one serious boyfriend and the father of Annabeth, Frederick Chase which lasted a decade and ended when Athena became pregnant with Annabeth.


  • Is the mother of high school student Annabeth Chase and the ex-girlfriend to Frederick.
  • Is the only one in her family to have actually graduated university.
  • Has worked one too many office jobs.

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