Annabeth Chase
"No June, I’m actually serious. My dad is a convict who molests children" - Annabeth Chase
Production information
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance TBA
Cause/Reason TBA
Portrayed by Alexandra Daddario
Character information
Nicknames Owlhead and Wise Girl (by Percy), Bethy (by Emily)
Gender Female
Birthdate November 22nd 1995 (age 15)
Camden Hills, Virginia, United States
Family Frederick Chase (father)

Athena Chase (mother)
Emmanuel Chase (maternal grandfather)
Raquelle Chase (maternal grandmother)

Significant Other(s) Percy Jackson (boyfriend)

Annabeth Mikayla Raquelle Chase is currently the main character of the series and the girlfriend of the star soccer and volleyball player Percy Jackson, who she had first met in the seventh grade after moving to Charleston Heights with her mother. Following the encounter, the two slowly connected and became a couple with a somewhat-stable relationship which followed them into high school. Annabeth and her best friend, Emily Matthews have had a longtime friendship even though they have challenged it with their history with Percy. Since then, the two are still best friends and Annabeth currently attends Charleston Heights High School as a sophomore student (seasons 1-2) and is also a part-time busgirl at Starbucks.

Character History

Before the Series

Annabeth is the only child to Athena, a Greek over-acheiving workaholic who has had many office jobs to support Annabeth and Frederick Chase, a Portuguese high school slack-a-bout/drop-out, child molesting drug addict. Annabeth had originiated from an unstable multiple apartment life in her hometown of Camden Hills, Virginia and was technically classified as "lower-class". Annabeth had been to a total of 4 elementary schools in 10 years before moving to Charleston Heights. While at her junior high school, Annabeth met Percy Jackson, also a new resident to the small town and Grover Underwood, a newly American citizen from Kingston, Jamaica. Grover, Annabeth and Percy instantly had a connection and became best friends soon after but Percy and Annabeth grew close during the time and soon developed into a crush. After months of waiting and hoping, Percy and Annabeth began dating on October 5th 2007.

Season 1



Annabeth is an only child and is currently being raised by her workaholic single mother Athena and has spent most of her childhood in her hometown of Camden Hills, Virginia. Annabeth didn't have a privileged life because her mother was struggling to make ends meet when Frederick, Annabeth's father refused to pay his court-order child support of $425 per month which then Annabeth had to live in several apartments around town. Annabeth only associates with the maternal side of her family which includes her grandparents Emmanuel and Raquelle and has disowned her paternal side of the family.

Annabeth was becoming agitated with both of her parents ignorance and acted out in a period of time and took it out on her mother as a sort of punishment of emotionally neglecting Annabeth as a child.


Annabeth is currently in a three year some-what exclusive relationship with Volleyball and Soccer star/player Percy Jackson.


  • Owns a Blackberry Bold 9000
  • Works at Starbucks as a busgirl along with Juniper Morris and Justice Gonzalez
  • Is dating Soccer/Volleyball star player Percy Jackson
  • Her I.Q. is 135 and has inherited her mother's intelligence

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